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Barnstead GenPure xCAD Plus

The GenPure xCAD Plus delivers ultrapure 18.2 MΩ.cm water and allows simultaneous dispensing of up to three remote dispensers.Ideal in shared lab spaces, these units provide you with the control and flexibility to satisfy various Type 1 water requirements. Included Extended Control and Dispenser (xCAD) provides an action radius of 32 inches and precise volume dosing at the press of a button for fully automatic volume control; adjustable controller for practical handling (additional dispensers sold separately) Deliver up to 200 liters a day of ultrapure Type 1 water Available in varying combinations of Ultrafiltration (UF), Ultraviolet (UV) Intensity Monitoring and Total Organic Compound Monitoring (TOC) systems One-Year Manufacturer Warranty for Parts and Labor

Digi-Sense™ Traceable® Multiparameter Data Loggers

5,000.00 4,999.00
Get alerts before you lose valuable samples
  • Connect to your data via smartphone, tablet, or PC using TraceableLIVE wireless capability
  • View current conditions anywhere—cloud-based interface sends email, text, and push notifications
  • No software required—web, Android™, Apple® iOS data visibility
  • Get accurate, reliable measurements with included NIST-traceable calibration
TraceableLIVE Wireless Technology allows multiple users to stay connected and monitor critical environments 24/7 wherever you go.